A biobank is a physical place which stores biological specimens. In some cases, participant data is also collected and stored. Access policies details may vary across biobanks but generally involve obtaining ethics approval from institutional review boards (IRB) and scientific review or peer review approval from the institutions under which the biobanks operate as well as Ethics approval from the institutions where the research projects will be undertaken. The samples and data are safeguarded so that researchers can use them in experiments deemed adequate. This article contains a list of biobanks.


Biobanks can be classified in several ways. Some examples of how they can be classified is by their controlling entity (government, commercial enterprise, or private research institution), by their geographical location, or by what sorts of samples they collect.

Biobanks may be classified by purpose or design. Disease-oriented biobanks usually have a hospital affiliation through which they collect samples representing a variety of diseases, perhaps to look for biomarkers affiliated with disease.[1] Population-based biobanks need no particular hospital affiliation because they sample from large numbers of all kinds of people, perhaps to look for biomarkers for disease susceptibility in a general population.[2]

List of biobanks
Biobank Affiliation Focus Type Location Founding Notes
All of Us Population non-profit United States
Autism Genetic Resource Exchange Autism Speaks Autism non-profit North America and Asia
Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children University of Bristol non-profit United Kingdom 1990 [3][4]
BioBank Graz Medical University of Graz non-profit Austria [5]
BioBank Japan RIKEN, University of Tokyo Population, personalized medicine non-profit Japan 2003 [6]
Canadian Biosample Repository University of Alberta non-profit Canada
Coriell Institute for Medical Research Genetic Disorders, rare diseases, Stem Cells non-profit United States 1953
CARTaGENE biobank Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine non-profit Quebec 2009 [7][8]
Cooperative Human Tissue Network Cancer government USA 1987
DeCODE genetics commercial Iceland [9]
Estonian Genome Project University of Tartu non-profit Estonia 2000
EuroBioBank Rare diseases non-profit Europe
FINBB Population non-profit Finland [10]
FinnGen Population, disease focused public-private Finland 2017 [11]
Generation Scotland NHS Scotland government Scotland 1999 [12][13]
Genomics England Rare diseases, cancer public-private England 2013 [14]
HUNT Biobank Norwegian University of Science and Technology non-profit Norway 2002
Million Veterans Project United States Department of Veterans Affairs American veterans non-profit United States [15]
MyCode Geisinger Health System Electronic health records, personalized medicine Commercial Pennsylvania, United States 2007 [16]
nPOD University of Florida, JDRF Diabetes non-profit United States 2007 [17]
PATH Biobank Breast cancer non-profit Germany 2002
Plasma Services Group Autoimmune, Infectious, Coagulation, Diagnostics[18] commercial United States 2017
The Malaysian Cohort National University of Malaysia non-profit Malaysia 2003
Tohoku Medical Megabank Project Tohoku University, Iwate Medical University Population, Birth and Three-Generation non-profit Japan 2012 [19][20]
UK Biobank non-profit United Kingdom 2006 [21]
Kaiser Permanente Research Bank Kaiser Permanente Population United States 2016[22] [23]
Sapien Biosciences Apollo Hospitals & Saarum Innovations Population, with special focus on tailoring treatment for Cancer private India (headquartered in Hyderabad) 2012 [24]
Lifelines University of Groningen & University Medical Centre Groningen Healthy aging non-profit Groningen, The Netherlands 2006


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