Louisa Isabella Chaulk Baudinet, also known as Lucy Baudinet or Miss Baudinet (7 April 1825 – 13 February 1901) was an Australian botanical collector.[1]


Louisa Isabella Chaulk Baudinet was born on 7 April 1825 in London to William Chaulk (later Baudinet) (c.1799–1865), and Augusta Louisa née Baudinet (1805–1873).[2] She was the second of twelve children in the family.[3] In 1829, the family migrated to Western Australia, and in 1831 to Tasmania.[2] In 1838–1847, Baudinet's father was the first lighthouse keeper on Bruny Island, and in 1848–1865, on Deal Island in the Kent Group.[4][5] After the death of her parents, Baudinet lived with her siblings and never married.[3]

Baudinet collected specimens on Swan Island,[2] where she lived with a brother who was lighthouse keeper there[5] in 1869, and at Cape Portland and Clarke Island, 1883–1885.[2] Her collections, approximately 114, have been lodged mainly at MEL, with others at HO and NSW.[6] Swedish botanist Jacob Agardh identified Baudinet's algal specimens for Mueller.

Louisa Isabella Chaulk Baudinet died on 13 February 1901 in Hobart, Tasmania at the New Town Charitable Institution of senilis.[2][7]

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