Get Paid to Blog on the California Locals Network!
When you become a California Locals Author, we give you the ability to add your own advertisements or Adsense account! Your advertisement will show up on every page or article you add to California Locals.

Get Started: Follow the steps below to Set Up your Revenue Producing Account Today!

Step 1: Register Your Account or Login

You can register an account at

Step 2: Edit Your Profile

Once logged in, hover of the icon in the top header named My Dashboard -> Edit Account Details

Step 3: Add Your Advertisement

Scroll down to the section titled Connect your account to one or more social networks. You will see a section titled Ad Types. You will have 3 types of advertisements that you can display: Adsense, Code or Banner. Select which type of Ad you would like to display.

Google Adsense

You can add your Adsense account by simply inputting your Adsense publisher ID. Your publisher ID can be found at the top of your adsense account. If you don’t have a google adsense account, you can sign up for one at

 Coded Advertisement (Embed/Iframe etc)

If you have an html code, select the Code Ad type and embed your iframe, script or other html friendly advertisement code.

To add a Banner Advertisement you will need to have a link to an image. If you have not or don’t have a link to an image you want to use, you can upload your image under the Upload Image section of My Dashboard in the top bar.

And That’s It!

Terms: Your advertisement will be displayed 50% of the time on your posts. California Locals will not pay you directly for Advertisements. We recommend using google adsense or other referral affiliate programs for Banner and Coded Advertisements.