The Village

The Village of La Jolla, often simply referred to as the Village, is the center—downtown area of La Jolla, a beach resort community within San Diego, on the South Coast of California. The Village includes most of La Jolla's shops and restaurants, but is dominated by residences.[1]



Some of the most popular restaurants in the Village of La Jolla include: The Cottage, Sammy's Woodfired Pizza, George's at the Cove, Eddie V's Prime Seafood, Herringbone La Jolla, The Lot, Brick and Bell, Cody's La Jolla, Donovan's Steakhouse, Duke's La Jolla, The Hake, Karl Strauss La Jolla, and more.[2]


In the Village of La Jolla, the only movie theatre is called The Lot which features a luxury cinema with seven auditoriums, each fitted with reclining couch chairs and the possibility to call a server and order drinks or food directly to one's seat.[3][4] In addition to being a luxury cinema, this place serves as a community hub for dining, socializing, and entertainment.[citation needed] Outside of the auditoriums, there exists a restaurant, bar, cafe, and patio for multi-purposes as well as special events.[5][6]


Since 2010, a variety of large-scale murals have been unveiled in multiple locations throughout the Village of La Jolla, some hidden in subtle alleys while others are more prominently showcased on private properties.[7] The La Jolla Murals were founded by the La Jolla Community Foundation as a project of the Athenaeum, whose patrons have commissioned over thirty different murals over the past ten years.[8]

Some of the artists who have displayed works in the La Jolla Murals are Isaac Julien, Monique van Genderen, Alex Katz, Roman De Salvo, Sandra Cinto, Raul Guerrero, Kota Ezawa, Steven Hull, Heather Gwen Martin, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Byron Kim / Victoria Fu, Terry Allen, Marcos Ramirez, among others.[8]



Past attractions

Department stores (former)

The Village was a key regional retail center in the mid-20th century with branches of major department stores Walker Scott and upscale specialty department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and I. Magnin, all on Girard Avenue within walking distance of each other.[9]


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