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Authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria & Italian Ristorante in Coronado, San Diego, California.

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Buona Forchetta continues to amaze with their “Garage” location in Coronado. They lovingly restored an old mechanic shop and the restaurant could not look any better. Even the patio, which I usually dislike, is enchanting.

They have a lovely, curated market up front selling pastas, sauces and other Italian groceries. And in the back are the tables, a pretty bar and the patio.

My pesto pasta was other-worldly. And I had a nice Amaro and soda. Staff is over-the-top, genuinely kind. A perfect spot, perfect night.


What’s not to love about this place? The waitress was very attentive, the food and the dessert is amazing.

If you are in Coronado this is the place to go. Make sure you get reservations because they can get really busy in the evening.

For meat lovers like me, check out the Bruna pizza. The size of the pizza shall suffice for normal appetites especially if you get appetizers like the calamari.

Make sure to indulge in their desserts as well. They are amazing!

I can’t wait to come back again. I also look forward to trying out their breakfast menu. It looks pretty amazing.


On a lazy partly cloudy Sunday afternoon I happen upon this place for some pizza, but in addition to the pizza, I also into the soup of the day!

I had the margherita pizza and had the lentil and leek soup to start. I am a fan of lentil soup, so I was super stocked when when this one turned out to be fantastic.

The lentil were tender to the touch and the soup was tasted great. It was nicely seasoned and the leeks were a very nice touch of green. I am glad that people continue to use leeks in recipes. I am a fan. Also, the amount of soup was quite generous. The house table bread they delivered to the table was perfect for dunking into the soup. The bread itself was quite good too.

The wood fired margherita pizza was quite good. It was definitely part of the upper echelon of quality Neapolitan Pizzas available in San Diego. The fine crust prepared from 00 flour was soft as a pillow, yet offered that nice light crisp crust on the exterior. It had very good flavor as well.

I can not say enough for the topping a top the pizza. The simple yet effective tomato sauce was very flavorful and well balanced between acidity and sweetness. The mozzarella was excellent and offered that terrific milky essence. The margherita pizza is a perfect example of simplicity where the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. It’s a must.

Service was cordial yet it had a extra step of exuberance. By the way, I loved the theme….”a garage”.


We spent the day at the Hotel del Coronado and wanted to watch the sunset. We didn’t want to stay on property because none of the options looked appealing and it was all very expensive. A quick Yelp search showed me this place and it was walking distance from the hotel.
When we arrived we were told the wait would be about 30 minutes but it was less. We were seated at a table outside which was nice but the chairs were very narrow and uncomfortable.
I ordered the Juna pizza which was red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, and hit honey. It was delicious although the crust was a little soggy. My husband ordered a sauceless pizza with brie, cherry tomatoes, and smoked salmon. He said his was only ok. He was expecting the smoked salmon to be placed on the pizza after it was cooked and so the salmon came out hot and looked opaque like regular salmon. He said it was only ok. My 11 year old daughter ordered the bucatini Amatriciana and she liked it. The pasta was much thicker than I’m used to and the texture was a little chewy but the sauce was very good.
If we lived in SD we would probably go back.


Was very surprised to be disappointed by this place. Loved the ambiance here, but the food I ordered was very subpar.

I had the carbonara with fettuccine, it was watery! I was so excited for good, creamy, legitimate Italian food, but I’ve had much better carbonara from the Cheesecake Factory. It also didn’t have much flavor, probably because it was watered down — I couldn’t finish it because it wasn’t appetizing.

The Sofia pizza on the other hand was tasty, though it was pretty burnt. Other friends I went with also had pizzas that were even more burnt than mine, so the running joke is that this is the burnt pizza place. I also tried the Nicola from a friend, the truffle flavor on that one was delish.

Service wasn’t bad, but also wasn’t anything noteworthy. Might give this place another shot in the future, but not somewhere I’d go out of my way to try again. Sad to say because I really wanted to like this place!

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