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Took my boyfriend here for his first ever omakase experience & Chef TJ did not disappoint!

They recommend everyone in your party select the same tier omakase, otherwise pacing will be off. We went with the oyabun (highest tier) because why not and it was A LOT of food compared to the others who got second tier. We don’t have the biggest appetites so second tier probably would’ve been enough, but loved the selection of fish we got from the oyabun. I’ve had other omakases in the SD area and this one has to be my favorite so far!


I was hesitant and skeptical since this is a new place and we only stayed 3 nights in San Diego. God, we are lucky that I give it a try. Don’t let the location and simple interior fool you.

I am a Japanese Sushi-Hibachi Restaurant owner from Las Vegas, I can assure you that the owner and Master Sushi Chef TJ is legit, he is white, but he learned his craft since 1996 in Japan and speaks japanese. He worked his way up in the Japanese Restaurant Hirachy and owned a restaurant in Japan and was forced to leave Japan because of the pandemic. It’s not easy for an ” outsider ” to get accepted and get trained in Sushi, a lot of dedication is needed. Chef TJ, got extensive fish knowledge and the selection, preparation and presantation of fish and ingredients is very much the best you can get logistically, seasonnaly and the price you pay.

There are 3 tiers $50,$85 and $125. The cheapest one is 12 Nigiri, the second includes appetizer and a sashimi plate, the third includes some upgrade in fish, Chawamushi ( egg custard ) and lambrack.

If you enjoy fish and learned to appreciate Sushi as an art, don’t hesitate to go for tier 3. If you know Sushi than you know that the 2.5 hour dinner time took another 10hours of preparation work to make that meal possible. Considering that TJ is working alone, doing his own soy sauce, rice, grind fresh wasabi, marinate, clean,cut and prepare his fish beside managing the restaurant the price is a steal.

The only think I did not like, was the Takoleg , which I think was to chewy and the crispness and bounciness got lost. The lamb was baked and not grilled so it has no charcoal flavor, but considering it was a 1man show, it’s the best as it can get.

I recommend you and social media influencer like youtuber and instagrammer to try this restaurant out. Easily the best Omakase Restaurant at it’s best now. The closest you can get to real fresh well selected and well prepared japanese fish.


We had just gotten dessert, and hubby was craving sushi for dinner. I suggested this place, but reservations weren’t until 9:30pm, so we got sushi somewhere else. During dinner, he asked if I wanted to go to Matoi afterwards! So we went here to have our second dinner LOL.

We got a bottle of the sake and chose the Oyabun omakase and received so much fresh fish!! Chef TJ gave us Santenmori ( 3 small appetizers) to start with. We each got a Pacific oyster, monkfish pate, and cucumber sunomono with octopus sashimi. The presentation was on point!

Next was a variety of sashimi- we got to eat tai, salmon belly, toro, and yellowtail. I like how this was plated as well. Then we got a grilled dish, which was black cod. Then we got a shrimp taro sandwich. The steamed dish was some kind of yellow custard. Then comes all the nigiri!! We got hirame, sea bream, yellowtail belly, shima aji, salmon belly, kombu jime, shime saba, mirugae, he got uni, while I got scallops, maguro, raw octopus, tutoro, otoro, and eel. That was so much sushi!! This omakase also comes with dessert and we were given matcha cheesecake. Normally my hubby doesn’t care for matcha, but he ate the whole thing!

Everything was so good and perfect. The Chef works by himself, so expect to be there for a few hours. Rap music is played in the background, which doesn’t fit the environment, but that’s the kind of music the chef likes (and hubby too). Hubby had such a wonderful time that he came back a week later! It’s that good!! I dined here a week after they had opened and seems like they book up quickly, so make sure you have reservations!

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