Youngblood, a new addition to Neighborhood’s transportative encounters. Young Blood is a culmination of years of learning and trial and error, with the guiding ethos that it is a reflection of what the CH team, including Anthony Schmidt, Sam Ross and Tafazoli, have learned since opening their first projects. Young Blood is an immersive cocktail experience featuring a modular bar console that is in constant flux with its offerings. The intimate 16-seat bar is flanked by ceiling height bar shelves, custom lighting and Parisian carpet. We put an irrational level of detail into this project. To think of where we started and where we are, on a personal level it’s rewarding that we’ve been so supported by the San Diego community and beyond. we’re hoping there were enough weirdos like us who will appreciate it.

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such a fun experience at youngblood, at a very reasonable price.

made a reservation for two and after passing into the speakeasy we were greeted with two champ glasses.

Will was super friendly and took time to listen to our drink preferences. He explained what the drinks were and spirits used.

The decor and glassware is sooo cute and kind of raunchy once you take a closer look. wasn’t packed at all, just an intimate cozy setting and some bomb drinks.

highly recommend if youre an alcohol enthusiast lol


This is definitely one of the better speakeasies in San Diego. Cool space, solid drinks, great service. We usually find one of those things at least a little bit off! Drinks were good, personalized, different but also nothing really zany.

I liked that we paid upfront and was glad I remembered to bring cash to gratuity since you don’t get a check at the end.

Also nice that you can grab a drink/food at Neighborhood if you’re a bit early.



First and foremost, I’m not much of a drinker just in general but a good friend of mine got me to go out and I’m soooo glad I did!

CH group does it again with such a dope speakeasy. From the decor, to the quality of drinks and even staff was just nothing short of amazing. I don’t even know how to say it without sounding dramatic!!

A 3 course cocktail experience for about $65 per person basically is catered to your taste palette + a collaboration between you, the cocktail servers + bartender. Demi and May were our cocktail servers and already they had really welcoming personalities to them that make it easy to talk about the type of drinks you’d want to drink. Tony, the bartender or what I called him THE SCIENTIST, crafted allllll the drinks.. I mean this dude really was in his element and was super chill to talk to when he had some downtime.

Would highly suggest experiencing this place! A great place for an intimate setting or maybe max 4 people in your party, definitely not meant for large groups.. I just feel like it might take away the intimacy between you + the staff.


I was super impressed with the cocktails. Michelin style cocktails. I wish I read the reviews before coming.. they charge $65 per person and it’s 3 rounds of drinks. $130 just for drinks for 2 people. I just wanted 1 drink. Was a shocker…

But I’m glad I experienced it. I would only go back on a special day. The last drink I had on the dessert round was Madagascar cocktail that was the best drink ever had

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