We are an outdoor group comprised of QUALITY, ACTIVE members offering a variety of events, mainly hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping.

New Members – we understand you are checking out SDOE to see if it is a good fit for you. In order to remain a member, participate in an event within your first 60 days or you are subject to removal from the group. Thereafter, members are expected to participate at least once each 90 days.


READ the following Guidelines.

The Organizers have established these simple Guidelines. Members ignoring or violating these guidelines are subject to suspension or removal from SDOE.


If you request to join SDOE, you will be asked to name the 2 Guidelines that you feel are most important.


– FACE PHOTO REQUIRED. You must have a RECOGNIZABLE FACE PHOTO on your SDOE profile to join and must maintain one as a member.

– RSVP REQUIRED. An RSVP is required for events. No walk-ups or “crashers”. A limit on participants is often set by Event Hosts. This also includes guests.

– SAFETY. Safety is our number one concern for each event. Bring your Ten Hiking Essentials. We offer group activities, please stay with the group.

– GUESTS. Event Hosts may set criteria for guests. Check the event listing or contact the Event Host if there is a question. You are responsible for your guest(s). Stay with your guest during the event.

– NO SHOWS. Change your “RSVP” to “No – Not Attending”, as soon as possible if you are subsequently unable to attend an event. Members who fail to show for event will be marked “NO SHOW” and are subject to removal after 2 NO SHOWS. A last minute change from “RSVP” to “NO” may be marked as a NO SHOW, particularly if there are members on the Waitlist hoping to participate.

– DONATION. The San Diego Outdoor Enthusiasts asks for a voluntary $5 per year donation to help cover expenses. You may make an online donation here: https://www.meetup.com/San-Diego-Outdoor-Enthusiasts/sponsors/

– PARTICIPATE. SDOE is a group for active members. Members are expected to participate in at least 1 event every 90 days. Members who lack regular participation are subject to removal.

– NO DRAMA. We are not psychologists, counselors, or therapists; nor are we a dating site. Excessive attention-seeking conduct will not be tolerated. Unwanted romantic overtures, harassment, or discomforting behavior are not acceptable.

– BE PLEASANT and COURTEOUS. Be nice. Make the events enjoyable. Thank the host; significant effort is often put into events. Common courtesy and respect is expected from each member. Do not expect others to supply equipment or food or other items without prior arrangements. Offer to fairly compensate drivers in car pools.