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Noble Experiment is a speakeasy located in downtown san diego, ca.

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Can’t say enough good things about this place and our experience here.

First off, make a reservation, it’s worth it. This bar is small and intimate by design so if you want to take part in it you should make a reservation in advance to ensure you get a table.

We showed up for our reservation, and were pleasantly surprised. Unlike some of the other “speakeasy” style bars in Gaslamp, this one did not have hoards of people waiting to get in and ruining the secrecy of the bar. We made our way to the entrance (very cool) and we’re shown to our table. The inside of the bar was very unique – skulls on one wall, art mounted on the ceiling, and a very well stocked wall behind the bar.

The bartenders were great, they do “dealers choice” and don’t work off a menu. So we were asked what our preferred base spirit was, style preference and any flavors we love in particular and from there they put something together. We each had 3 drinks and they were delicious!

Thank you so much Noble Experiment, we will be back!


I made reservations for noble about a month in advance and I am SO glad I did. The service was amazing, and because the drinks are sewers choice you’re bound to get something you haven’t tried yet, but still something that you love. The music was loud enough that you couldn’t hear the group immediately next you (the place was small but not too overcrowded), but you could still hear the people you came with. I will be coming again for sure.

Also the decor was a 10/10, even the bathrooms are beautiful


You should absolutely get reservations for this spot as soon as you can!

Noble Experiment is a cool and fun speakeasy located in the back of a restaurant. You walk toward a kitchen and are led to a hidden door. The inside is dark and narrow, and probably fits only about 30 people total.

When I went (on a Sunday night), they didn’t have menus. Instead, it was dealer’s choice and the waiter, Tony (who was super cool), asked my friends and I each what kind of flavors we like. Based on our answers, they brought us back our drinks and it was fun getting a surprise.

I was given a daiquiri with pomegranate flavor. I was SO IMPRESSED because my drink was definitely something I’d order. All I said was that I like rum or vodka, sweet tastes, and dislike ginger and they were spot on when it came to a cocktail I’d love.

I definitely would love to come back. I can’t say enough good things about Noble Experiment and highly encourage all who are curious to give it a try


If you’re looking for an classy speakeasy experience, Noble Experiment is the place for you! The speakeasy entrance was extremely unassuming within the “Neighborhood” restaurant so we actually had a big of trouble locating it.

Noble Experiment doesn’t have any kind of menu–instead the bartender will ask you questions to determine what kind of drink you would like. Our bartender was so accommodating of our preferences and made incredible cocktails for us. Getting a surprise drink contributes to the novelty of the experience in a great way.

They only have a small amount of reservations per day due to the fact that they would like to keep the speakeasy walk-in friendly. So if you’re in the area, I highly recommend that you check this place out!


We came and put our name on the waitlist around 7:40pm on Thursday and were seated by 9:40pm. I would recommend making a reservation ahead of time if possible or put your name on the waitlist and grab dinner/a drink somewhere else.

Once we got seated at the bar, the bartender asked if we liked drinks on the boozy side or the citrusy side and then asked our spirit of choice. The bartenders were super helpful and willing to change our drink if we weren’t satisfied. We got 2 drinks, they ended up being $16 each which wasn’t bad at all. Great ambiance, and friendly and attentive bartenders!

Apparently there is another speakeasy within this speakeasy called YoungBlood (behind the fridge) where they have a $65 flat fee for a glass of champagne and 3 tailor made drinks.

Overall if you’re looking for a cool drinking experience and ambiance, 100% recommend this speakeasy. Just be prepared to wait a bit and/or make a reservation ahead of time!

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